EcoTrail Paris 2025

Marche nordique 10km

Date: Sunday 23 March 2025

Departure: Domaine national de St-Cloud

Arrival: Domaine national de St-Cloud

D+: 160m

Time limit: 2:30

All you need to know about the Nordic walk 10km


In order to validate your registration for the EcoTrail Paris 2025 Nordic Walk 10km, please complete the registration form below.


Minimum 16 years old



Since May 7, 2021, underage athletes do not require a medical certificate, provided they complete the health questionnaire below.

If you answered YES to one or more questions: Medical certificate less than 6 months old required. Consult a doctor and present the completed questionnaire.

To validate your registration as a minor, a completed and signed parental authorisation form is required.


You must collect your bib from the Sport Planète village on Friday 21 March 2025 (for all events) or Saturday 22 March 2025 (only for the Trail 35km GTNS Access and the 18km and 10km Trails and Nordic Walks).

No bib withdrawals will be possible in the start area.

The purpose of the cancellation guarantee is to allow the reimbursement of the costs incurred (deduction of the amount of the cancellation guarantee and the options used) for registration for EcoTrail Paris.

This guarantee covers different scenarios related to the participant (more details in the rules of the event) as well as any cancellation due to force majeure. Will be considered as characterizing a case of force majeure, any defect (refusal, withdrawal) of administrative authorization necessary for the organization of the event, any fire, flood, earthquake, storm, and more generally any natural disaster, epidemic (eg: Covid-19), attack, war or any other event usually considered as a case of force majeure by case law.

If you wish to be reimbursed for the expenses incurred in one of the cases above, you must have this guarantee.

No refund, for any reason whatsoever, can be considered without subscription to this cancellation guarantee.


Unit price 1€ 

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Unit price 1€ 

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The transportation of runners from their homes to Paris or their starting area is the item with the largest carbon footprint of the event. 

As part of our drive to reduce the environmental impact of the EcoTrail Paris, we strongly encourage you to calculate the carbon emissions of your journey below, and to give preference to environmentally-friendly modes of transport.


To validate your registration, please read and accept the event rules.